Day 4 ended up being a forced rest day for the almost 200 riders coming from 29 nations for the first big, global event of the Paris 2024 Olympic sail board, organised on lake Garda, by Univela Sailing, Società Velica Garda Salò and the iQ Foil Class.

The thick clouds didn’t allow the morning North wind to pick up, nor the Southerly breeze to fill in, the rains fell relentlessly all day on the sails and board on the huge, and soaked, grass field by the yacht club.

The IQFOil International Games thus go into tomorrow Finals Series freezing yesterday’s results. The top 12, in both the Men and Women fleet, will battle it out for the top spots, and when they’ll be done the rest of the fleets will go racing to better their position, test the equipment and have more fun on the water. Despite the no action today, the event was very much appreciated by all the competitors, eleven races were sailed so far in different conditions and in all three new formats: Course, Slalom and Marathon. By all accounts it has been a successful regatta
The Finals Series consist of three races: a quarter final among riders from 12th to 5th, after which four will access to the semis joining the 4th and 3rd overall, and the first two to cross the finishing line will compete in a winner-takes-all final race with the 2nd and 1st of the qualifying series. If the wind will be over 10 knots the chosen format will be a Course, if below a Slalom race.

The riders giving it all tomorrow on the water are:
1 – Nicolas Goyard (FRA) – straight through to the final
2 – Sebastian Koerdel (GER) – straight through to the final
3 – Kiran Badloe (NED) – straight through to the semi final
4 – Matteo Iachino (ITA) – straight through to the semi final
5 – Samuel Sills (GBR)
6 – Pierre Lecoq (FRA)
7 – Thomas Goyard (FRA)
8 – Matthew Barton (GBR)
9 – Steven van Broeckhoven (BEL)
10 – Alexandre Cousin (FRA)
11 – Huig-Jan Tak (NED)
12 – Clement Bourgeois (FRA)

1 – Helene Noesmoen (FRA) – straight through to the final
2 – Maja Dziarnowska (POL) – straight through to the final
3 – Delphine Cousin (FRA) – straight through to the semi final
4 – Noy Drihan (ISR) – straight through to the semi final
5 – Islay Watson (GBR)
6 – Lucie Belbeoch (FRA)
7 – Imogen Sills (GBR)
8 – Pilas Lamadrid Trueba (ESP)
9 – Lilian de Geus (NED)
10 – Daniele Peleg (ISR)
11 – Shachar Reshef (ISR)
12 – Sorin Lola (FRA)

Meeting ashore at the Pit Lane for equipment check is scheduled at 8am, aiming for the first possible start at 9am for the Men.